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For more than a decade Teichmann Landscape Architecture has been planning, managing and implementing highly efficacious garden and landscape architecture for both private and public clients including cities and communities in Brandenburg and Berlin, residential housing developers, neighborhood associations and urban renewal agencies.

Since 1990, we have been setting standards for the integration of environmental and educational issues in landscape planning and construction which place particular emphasis on the inclusion of young people, children, parents, teachers and residents in all aspects of the process. We continuously improve upon this method with great success and it is a key aspect of our services.

In our projects we work closely with architects, planners and specialists such as arborists, soil experts, water technicians, surveyors, sociologists, educators, conservators and archaeologists.

The expertise and support of this well established multi-disciplinary network gives our bureau an excellent basis for creative planning, professional management and successful project development.

From concept to implementation, completion and accounting, we are fully committed to the interests of our clients and our profession.

Birgit Teichmann

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