Culture Centre Alte Schule

The hundred-year-old former school building has been the cultural heart of the Alt-Adlershof district for decades and enjoys supra-regional significance. The intensive and varied use of this popular location made it necessary to redesign both the building and the outdoor facilities. An extensive participatory process with numerous local stakeholders played a central role in this and extended over several years.
The sensitive combination of the results of this process with the requirements of monument protection and their subsequent structural implementation were realized for the front garden in the period from 2022 to 2023. The front garden, which is located at the rear of the property, serves as a meeting place for young and old. A relaxed view opens up from the street onto the brick facade of the building, surrounded by a green front garden that invites people to visit, linger, chat or enjoy a coffee on the terrace. A drinking fountain provides refreshment, while a digital information point provides information about the numerous cultural activities at the KAS.

Commissioned by: Treptow-Köpenick district office of Berlin
2014 – 2015, 2019 – 2023
Phases 1 – 9

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