Irma Coulson Public School, Kanada - Climate Ready School Pilot

Near Toronto, in Milton, Canada, a school playground that had previously been largely unused due to waterlogging was transformed into a natural play landscape that can be used all year round. In close cooperation with our local partners, we as lead planners carried out a participatory process with the school community. Our plans were discussed and further developed with the Halton District School Board, the school and all those involved. In an intensive planning and construction process, we created a water-sensitive and climate-adapted schoolyard that is characterized by a human scale and special attention to detail and innovative ideas. Around 50 new trees were planted. The planted topography initiates a completely new idea of a play landscape that is setting a precedent in Canada and inspiring specialist planners, authorities and educators alike.

Commissioned by: EVERGREEN, Centre for Green Cities, Toronto, CA
2019 – 2022
Phases 1 – 9

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