Zeppelinplatz – City Square

The redesign of the heavily frequented city square in Berlin Wedding, located directly next to the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, was characterized by an extensive tree population, which was carefully integrated into the new planning. The basic concept of our successful competition idea was further developed in various participation formats in close cooperation with local residents and the children and pupils of the neighborhood.
In addition to a versatile playground area for children aged 0 to 12, the football pitch was renovated and calisthenics facilities were created. The spacious forecourt with a stage in front of the university's listed building provides space for public events, supported by ground light lines and pole lights, which were developed in collaboration with the university's event technology department. All surface water is drained away on site, while the existing tree canopy provides pleasant shade on the lawn on hot days. The individually designed seating platforms, which were created with the participation of local residents, offer additional space to relax. The central promenade, an important pedestrian connection axis in terms of urban development, is accentuated by a double row of trees and seating on both sides.

Commissioned by: District Office Mitte of Berlin
2014 – 2016
Phases 1 – 9

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