Green Planning

Vegetation and unsealing are our most powerful tools for climate-resilient cities. We design liveable open spaces that are generously and abundantly planted with native and low-maintenance plant species. This creates aesthetically pleasing places that enable holistic recreation. Nature-oriented design, especially for children, has always been close to our hearts. Today, the value of nature in urban areas is increasingly becoming a focus of society. We are pleased that our values are in harmony with this social development.

Participation Process

Planning by people for people: Our approach is characterized by a human scale. From discussions at eye level in the participation process to the completion of an open space in which people feel completely at ease.
It is a matter of course for us to actively involve young people, children, educators and residents in the planning process. Our design aims to enable and experience community and participation.

Open Spaces

Activity and retreat, sport and recreation, play and communication – the demands on open spaces are extremely varied these days. We weave these into an exciting and balanced rhythm of spaces in which people feel comfortable.
In particular, we focus on the children who spend time in almost all of our open spaces. We support and encourage young people to learn self-efficacy, assess risks and experience life with all their senses.


We are experts in the design of open spaces: from kindergartens and schoolyards to residential areas, town squares, playgrounds, village and market squares, parks and garden monuments. Since the 1990s, we have been working for a large number of private and public clients, including cities and municipalities in Brandenburg and Berlin, housing companies, neighborhood management companies and redevelopment agencies. We draw our expertise in creative planning, professional management and execution from our many years of experience in interdisciplinary cooperation. From conception to realization, completion and invoicing, we are passionately committed to the interests of our clients and our profession.